The Best Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Holiday shopping isn’t easy for anybody. For every friend or acquaintance who you can imagine the perfect gift for, there are always a few people on your list whose tastes are so eclectic or mysterious that you can never decide what to get them. Then there are people that you simply don’t know very well, and buying a holiday gift for them can be really difficult. In general it is best to work with what you know about a person when you are choosing their gift. Do they have hobbies or interests that you are well aware of? Does their career figure prominently in their lives and present an opportunity for giving a related gift? If you don’t know enough about their job or their hobbies, think about the way that you know them. Did you meet this person through a friend? Doing an activity? Let what you already know about this person help to inform your gift giving.

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An excellent gift for an athlete or a yoga practitioner is a gift certificate for a training session, a yoga class or a day pass to a state of the art gym in your area. Everyone knows how important physical fitness is at this point in time and having the ability to go to a gym or a yoga class is an excellent way to burn calories, relieve stress and strengthen your muscles. Especially after a holiday season of heavy eating and drinking, everyone wants the chances to get into shape.

Clothing and jewelry should only be given to close friends or relatives. Jewelery may seem like the obvious choice for a woman, but unless you have a fairly close relationship, a piece of jewelery may be an inappropriate gift. Clothing is a great gift to get for a man or a woman but it’s best to tread carefully as clothing is a rather personal and intimate thing to give someone. If you do not know someone well it is best to avoid giving them clothing, unless it is something basic and timeless like a scarf or a pair of gloves. Gloves and scarves are excellent choices for holiday gifts as for most people the holidays come during the coldest and least temperate time of the the year.

Other good gift ideas are gifts for the home. Coasters, wine glasses or a coffee maker are all excellent choices. For people who tend to buy their coffee in the morning, having the coffee maker in your home helps you save money and lets you enjoy that first cup of the day in he comfort of your own home. Many coffee makers have a timer so that you can start the brewing of the coffee before you even wake up. That way you can wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee every morning which is a great way to start the day, especially in the winter months. A cheerful and festive throw blanket is also a great home décor accessory for people to keep in their den or their bedrooms, and it can be enjoyed all year round.

Gift certificates are an excellent option for people that you don’t know very well. Some credit card companies offer gift cards, which can be used for a number of things. This is a fine gift, but can ring a tad impersonal even if the gesture is in the right place. Other options include gift certificates to places like or other online retailers that stock a variety of wares. Gift certificates to restaurants are also a wonderful option for the food enthusiast in your life. This will enable them to try a new restaurants in their area, or possibly go to an old favorite that they have enjoyed in the past.

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