Surround Sound Systems – Getting Started

Surround Sound Systems can be a great way to enhance your home life, watching television, movies, playing games consoles or simply listening to your favourite music. These are things we all love to do to relax and escape the stress of everyday life. But when you are new to this technology, trying to find some information about surround sound can be daunting. There is so much information and so many technical terms to try and figure out. This article aims to try and get you started with the basics to help you in your search for a new surround sound system.

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What Is Surround Sound?

It is basically a technology where the sound from your television or other audio source is split up and delivered from numerous speakers placed around the room. It creates the sort of sound you hear in a cinema, where you can hear noises from all around you adding to the reality of the scene. If you are old enough to remember stereo being used, where the sound came separately from two speakers, imagine the effect of the sound coming from six or seven speakers.

You will also hear people talk about multi-channel sound. This refers to the sound that is split up being delivered through multiple audio channels (multiple speakers). In short – surround sound will make your home audio sound like going to the movies, and it really will! Do not underestimate how good it can sound.

What Are The Main Parts Of The System?

Modern home theatre systems come in many various forms and configurations, to get started you need to know the main components.

The source – the television, iPod, PlayStation, DVD player etc. where the sound is being made as it where.

The receiver or amplifier – the main processor of the sound. Put simply, it transfers the sound to the different speakers. This is the control centre of surround sound systems.

The output – speakers! There are different configurations of speakers the most common at the moment is called 5.1 where you have five speakers and a subwoofer.

What Is 5.1 Sound?

This refers to the configuration of the speakers. It confuses many people because it actually means six speakers – five plus a subwoofer. A subwoofer is just a type of speaker that handles only the low bass sound effects. The other speakers are typically placed front right, front left, front centre, back right and back left giving you surround audio.

5.1 Surround Sound Systems are still the most popular at the moment with 7.1 fast catching up. The technology is advancing at quite a pace and the current systems become cheaper to buy as the next big thing takes over. Try to get past the jargon and give it a try, the results are truly amazing.

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