Interactive Dog Toys

If there is anything that dog’s love almost as much as their owners, it has to be playing around and having a lot of fun especially with interactive dog toys. A lot of dogs, even those who seem very stern and serious, or those who are from working breeds, often find it very hard to resist the urge to play especially with their owners and the rest of their family members.

Much like us humans, our pets also want to spend a lot of time trying to relax, and have a good time. They are playful and active, and there is nothing more they could ever want to have during an activity, aside from treats of course, than interactive dog toys.

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Dog toys are more than just boredom-busters; they are actually very helpful tools that can be used by the owners to bond with their beloved pets. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that you and your dog can enjoy when you are both playing with the toys, more so when you are actually playing with interactive dog toys.

First of all, these kinds of toys help a lot when it comes to giving your dog the exercise and the level of physical activity that they all need each and every day, this effectively helps your dog stay fit and strong at the same time.

Dog toys often pique the curiosity of our beloved pets, and this allows them to get the stimulation that they need; but more than just its physical benefits, dog toys, specifically interactive dog toys can also stimulate their mental acuity and intelligence.

Another type of interactive dog toys is the distraction and comfort toys. These types of toys can help keep your dogs busy by teasing them and by giving them different kinds of treats at the same time. These types of toys do not require much physical activity, yet they are great mental stimulator since they keep your dog occupied, they are also very easy to use.

Comfort toys on the other hand, are used mostly to help your canines get rid of stress, they help your canine get rid of anxiety, they also help your canine learn new commands at the same time.

But if you do want something a lot more challenging, and something that will help your dog receive a lot of mental stimulation, you might want to get interactive dog toys which are in the form of puzzles and games like the Nina Ottosson dog tornado toy. These kinds of toys are also known as “smart” toys since they generally require a lot of skill and patience on the part of your canine.

There are actually toys which are specifically meant to cater to certain dog breeds, but in general, different dogs can actually enjoy all the ones that I’ve mentioned above. The interactive dog toys are also highly recommended for destructive dogs and for dogs that are very hard to control, this is because it will help them release pent-up energy and it will also effectively help them shift their focus and attention away from your furniture and belongings.

Amongst my most favorite interactive dog toys for my dog Oz, are the Nina Ottosson toys, especially the dog tornado. This is because the dog tornado is highly challenging and it builds up my dog’s problem solving skills. I can simply place a piece of dog food or kibble in one of the toy’s compartment and my dog can get his reward by spinning its layers at the proper speed. It truly is a uniquely fun and entertaining toy that both my dog highly

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