Indoor Herb Gardening – 5 Reasons Why it Will Make You Happy

As far as hobbies go, Indoor Herb Gardening fits the bill perfectly. Not only is it recreational, but it is very fulfilling to the grower. Our preference of lifestyle, especially our choice of food has gone through great changes over the years. We have jumped to non-traditional, fast food culture, and then gone right back to less modern and healthier options. Growing one’s own food and herbs is a part of the trend. And growing them indoors is just the right thing.

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Indoor Herb Gardening is a perfect way to happiness for a numerous reasons.

1. The greatest merit about indoor herb gardening is that it showcases one’s creativity. A perfectly attended to herb garden in your house would earn you ah’s and oh’s from all your dear and near ones. And the sense of achievement when you find your gardening efforts have been so fruitful, is irreplaceable. You would be proudly displaying something borne out of your own hands, and that can be so good for your morale.

2. Indoor Herb gardening can enhance immensely the look of the house. Indoor gardens can be used wisely to augment the interior decoration of your house. Why, you could even set a theme running based on your indoor garden!

Presence of greenery indoors is not just good to eyes, it is also advisable for health reasons. They filter the air inside the house and fill indoor spaces with fresh air and pure oxygen. Studies have proved that a greener home contributes to the general well-being of people living in it. Indoor Herb Gardening also asks for very low maintenance. Only a small space is needed to set up a charming indoor herb garden, but it goes a long way in beautifying your home space.

3. Kitchen is one specific area which is most associated with herb garden. In fact, for beginners and small growers, kitchen window sill seems to be the most sought out space. All you have to do is pick a sunny spot and you have got yourself a garden space. Indoor herb garden always lends an aura of homeliness for the space. It brightens the decor and gives the home an inviting look.

4. Apart from being a great ornamental addition to any home, Indoor Herb Gardening also is a great way to get fresh herbs anytime you want to add them in your cooking. Fresh mint to go into your pitcher of lemonade, oregano to pep up the cheesy pasta, or fragrant thyme for you meat loaf- you can very well grow them in your own house!

5. Many herbs have wonderful medicinal value, and some of them can be home- grown very easily. Holy basil is one such herb that can be grown in any small space without much fuss, and they are great remedy for indigestion and common cold.

Indoor Herb Gardening is pure fun! Take up your garden spade and work on your green thumb, and discover an amazing amusement for yourself.

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