Finding a Place for Modern Electronics in a Well Decorated Home

These days it is almost impossible to avoid having some form of high end electronic equipment in your home. Televisions, DVD players, and stereos are wonderful and entertaining devices that can enhance the pleasure and utility of a space. The problem is, they seem to design these products for the set of a B Sci Fi movie. There manufacturing company’s purpose is clear, to underline the futuristic technology you are getting. However this makes it difficult to find a way to integrate these products into a sophisticated, non media centered space.

Hiding in Plain Site

The most common answer to this problem, one that has been used since the invention of home technology, is to simply hide the media in some sort of decorative structure. This can be a cabinet, an armoire, a media center with swinging doors, or even a series of attractive shelves. All of these furnishing allow you to leave the toys in the room, without making them the focus of the area.

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The main problem with this method is that you cannot both use the electronics, and leave them hidden. The doors will have to be opened to view the TV, and most remotes wont work through an oak panel.

Making it Work, Somehow

Modern technology is smaller, slimmer, and less obtrusive than it has ever been. Even though designs are still largely made up of chrome and flashing lights, the actual bulk of these products have decreased, making it easier to decorate around them.

Flat panel televisions are an excellent example of this trend. Light enough to be hung from practically any standing structure; their simple design makes them a relatively unobtrusive addition to a space. If it is still standing out too much a simple curtain or decorative cloth can be placed over the screen when it isn’t being used. Stereos, DVD players, and even video games are all following this size reduction trend.

If you don’t mind a little construction you can really hide these electronics away by having a 12″-15″ shadowbox set recessed in your walls. Built with shelves to hang the various media on, it can be a great to leave everything readily accessible, without making it being an eye sore. A sliding panel can also be closed over the wall to completely hide the electronics whenever you like.

If you do use the method above though, you should be sure that the installer adds a way for the wires, both electrical and cable, to get out of the box without sticking out of the side. As long as you mention it in advance this shouldn’t be a problem.

Putting it Somewhere Else!

While modern technology may be an eye sore it is slowly inventing itself out of the problem. One of the most promising new mainstream technologies is the ability to set up media in one room, and enjoy it from another, wirelessly. Using this remote technology it is even possible to set up a remote control to run the system from a third location.

In this way it is possible for you to put a stereo receiver in one room, and to have a few wireless speakers set up throughout the house, in unobtrusive places. Setting up a remote sensor connected to a controller should give you the ability to run the system from wherever you like.


Media is going to get more and more sophisticated. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the technological revolution, without having a home full of garish ultra modern accessories, then you are going to have to use some clever planning. Luckily there are a variety of methods you can use to keep your home comfortable, while still leaving it well equipped.

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