Does Your Dog Need a Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs?

Your dog also requires supplements that will address certain health issues or to boost his overall health. One of them is a hip and joint supplement for dogs, which is primarily produced to maintain your dog’s hip-joints and connective tissues. However, you may be reluctant to give him some because it might not be suitable for your dog or it might have side effects. But, as his owner, you have to make sure that you are not missing out on something that he might need. To help you decide if you should give some or not, ask yourself the following questions.

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1. Is he a large breed dog?

If yes, then he definitely needs the supplement. This is because large breed dogs are more likely to develop dog hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by a looseness of the hip-joints. This debilitating condition causes intense pain, leading to decreased mobility of the affected dog.

2. Does he have dog hip dysplasia?

A hip and joint supplement for dogs can also provide treatment and pain relief for hip dysplasia. This is because it generally contains compounds that are beneficial for the health of your dog’s hip-joints and other connective tissues. These compounds include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Glucosamine provides lubrication for his joints while chondroitin sulfate helps repair damaged connective tissues and prevents stress injuries to joints.

3. Do you want to maintain optimal function of his joints and connective tissues?

The supplement is a great addition to his diet even though he is not showing any signs of hip dysplasia. It is safe and does not have side effects, and it is a great way to maintain the health of his joints and connective tissues. High quality hip and joint supplements may also come in chicken-flavored chewable tablets, something that he will enjoy.

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