Crazy Chicken Dog Treats

Chicken dog treats are one of the healthiest dog treats available on the market today, usurping beef to take the number one spot. When we home a dog we are instantly adding a new member to the family and do everything we can to lavish love and care on the dog. Feeding him right is very important to the animal’s well being and general good health. This article explores the merits and demerits of feeding your dog chicken dog treats.

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Chicken is considered a better and healthier alternative to beef treats, sweet treats and other fat based treats. One of the main advantages is that chicken is lower in fat and sugar and does not contain harmful chemicals and additives. The chicken used in these treats is the same as that used for human consumption; all natural chicken breasts, organic vegetable and some garlic is what usually goes into the treats. Going one step further, some brands are made from USDA certified organic chicken and contain no animal by products, fillers, preservatives, soy or other ingredients that could be harmful to your pet. It all boils down to you being well informed and reading the labels carefully before buying your doggie snacks.

Dogs easily develop allergies to certain foods and you need to keep a careful watch on what you feed your dog and its reaction to different foods. Chicken dog treats are generally considered safe as they do not contain all the many harmful additives that cause the allergies. Chicken has protein which can be an allergy trigger but not as powerful a trigger as the beef or dairy products. One way of checking to make certain your dog is not allergic to chicken, provided you do not feed the dog any of the allergy causing foods like dairy, soy, wheat, etc. is to watch out for itchy skin, increased bowel movement, hair loss, hot spots and chronic ear infections. These are the indicators of a chicken based allergy.

Dog food is a huge industry especially in the US and you will be hard pressed to choose treats for your dog. We love our pets so much and want to give them everything under the sun but it is always advisable to stick with what is safe, namely chicken treats. You can get your chicken dog treats from online stores, pet food stores, pet shops, dog boutiques and lots of other places that cater to the dog population.

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