Crank Flashlights

A hand-crank flashlight combines age old knowledge with the latest technology to give you a product which will time and again prove to be a very faithful companion during emergencies. This kind of flashlight uses a crank to produce energy. Every minute of charging can give you up to an hour of power back up. There is no need for a rechargeable battery in this case. Even thirty seconds of cranking can produce a source of light which is quite powerful. So, if you are visiting a place where power and charging points are hard to come by, crank flashlights are a good option for you. Most of these have LEDs so, the intensity of the light discharged is strong.

If you are a photographer wanting to create a low-lit photographic effect, you could use one of these crank flashlights. You can turn the crank handle according to the amount of light intensity that you require, to create that perfect effect. In case of a power-cut, you will no longer have to wonder whether the batteries of that long forgotten flashlight still have enough power to get you through the night. With a crank flashlight, you just have to turn the crank handle and voila, there will be light.

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There is a great variety available in the market even when it comes to something as little known as the crank flashlight. You can find these flashlights with alternative power functions. Some of them have solar rechargeable batteries. You just need to leave the flashlight in the sunlight for sometime and the battery will be charged automatically. If it is cloudy then you always have the option of normal rechargeable batteries. But, if the day is cloudy and there is no power supply, then also you need not worry, for you have the crank handle.

This indispensable product which every camper and every house should have is available in a variety of price ranges. You can easily get one for as low as $9.

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