Chew Toys For Dogs – A Great Way to Keep Them Busy

Pets, particularly dogs, are restless creatures – playful curiosity and requirement for constant stimulus are inherent in their nature. They like to react to every stimulus. Chewing behavior is also a part of their natural habit. Chew toys for dogs are the best way to keep them busy and protect valuable items such as furniture, sofas, shoes, etc. However, not every toy is safe for them and it needs some thoughtfulness on your part to select the right toys for the dog to play or chew.

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The most basic considerations are the size and strength of the toys. The chew toys for dogs should not be too small for the dog’s mouth; the dog will try to swallow them and end up with problems. The chew toy should not easily break or shed splinters from the biting and chewing actions. If the puppy is teething hard artificial bones are good and they also last longer.

Do not estimate a dog’s jaw strength by its size. Some breeds such as terriers are smaller but have tremendous jaw strength. Their jaws may be much stronger than dogs of some other breeds that are twice their size. So, you need to be mindful before parting money for chew toys for dogs.

Toys with moving parts are inherently unsafe; when they fall apart the parts may get stuck in the throat or get caught in the teeth. Even if swallowed successfully they are still undesirable. A typical example of such a toy is a ball that has some bell or noise-making device inside it. Another popular example is squeaking toys. If you or your dog is in love with toys that squeak and can not live without them then go for models where the squeaker is a part of the toy’s mold. Normally the squeaker is made of metal pieces and is put inside the toy.

There are chew toys for dogs that contain some treats like kibble. Such toys keep the dog occupied for much longer time because the pet has to use all its intelligence to get to the treat. Many people consider such toys as ideal chew toys because the pet is busy getting to the treat rather than merely chewing it.

Remember that the best sport for the puppy is playing and running around. So give as much time as you can to your darling buddy. The chew toys for dogs should only be used as a diversion and to safeguard valuable household items from being ravaged. The pet should not “develop” the habit of chewing – be it toys or anything else. A good way to protect items from the pet is to apply some bitter apple spray or commercial chemicals that discourage the pet to chew them.

Finally, you should not view the chew toys for dogs in isolation from the pet’s overall behavior. These toys should serve to supplement your pet’s relationship with you and keep its conduct within acceptable limits. They are definitely a safer way to channelize the excess canine energy provided you picked up the right toys.

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